제목 |   Surely I Am with You
2016-08-08 18:56
It has been already 4 days since a new year started.
But I am embarrassed at the fact I am not ready to greet the new year.
Now that a new year started, I came to realize ministry, preaching, With Jesus Ministry and columns for Spiritual Journal all had not been prepared.
I agonized and thought I had to lay down several things.
"Lord, I am not ready."
But Jesus said to me, "Just take one step forward with faith."
But I was not confident at all.
"Lord, I will do next time when I am ready. Not now."
At that time, the Lord asked me.
Do you think those who became a missionary did it because they were fully ready?"
"Do you think those who planted church did it because they were fully ready?"
"Did you become a pastor because you were fully ready?"
"Did you come to this church because you were fully ready?"
"Did you start to construct this church because everything was fully ready?"

When Israelites crossed the Jordan into Canaan the promised land, the river rose up to the bank. There was nothing prepared. However, God commanded them to cross the river. When priests carried the ark of the covenant and set foot in the Jordan, the waters were divided.
In the Bible, when God commanded men to do something, there was none who answered "I am ready!"
Abraham answered, "I am too old."
Moses, "I am slow of speech and tongue."
Gideon, "I am the least."
Isaiah, "I am a man of unclean lips."
Esther, "I am a woman, and the situation is too dangerous."
Elijah, "The enemy is too strong."
Jonah, "I don't like the city."
And David was too young.
However, God kept saying, "Go!"

The Lord said to his disciples, "Go to the end of the earth and proclaim the good news."
But disciples had a crucial problem.
They had only eleven apostles. 'Twelve apostles' symbolizes reconstruction of twelve tribes of Israel, and means perfect preparation. But one position was empty.
Moreover, their faith was not perfect.
"When they saw him(Jesus), they worshiped him; but some doubted." (Matt. 28:17)
Although they were in a stalemate, the Lord did not say to them, "Make up the numbers first," or "Increase your faith fully first," but just said, "Go!"
He did not see how perfectly his disciples were ready, but promised only one thing.

"And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." (Matt. 28:20)

If we wait until we are ready perfectly, we will have to wait all our life and close our eyes.
Now, the Lord says to me the same word he said to his disciples.
"Go, I am with you."
In a new year 2016, seeing the Lord, I take a step forward.
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  • its very encourages me for going to missions field
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  • Pastor sir
    Ur pray and meditation encourages me in Jesus
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