제목 |   Jesus Christ Who Changed Me
2016-08-13 02:51
A few days ago, our church pastors and staff and their families gathered to have a New Year's Eve party.
Everyone enjoyed the party and had fun, but there was a boy who was usually shy.
He came out before people, but could not lift his head, just holding his daddy's pant.
He reminded me of my childhood.
I was like him.
I was very bashful and could not come to the center in public.
I was not common.
When I was around 6 years old, I had my picture taken in a photo studio, wearing Korean dress, without knowing the reason.
I remember the photographer told me to smile several times. Although I smiled, he kept saying to smile brightly and I 'did my best' to do so.
I have that picture even now.
In that picture, a boy in Korean dress stands distorting his face.
I suffered for a long time with my introspective, insecure and shy character.
I am not perfectly freed from it yet.
I spent my youth thinking my fate to be a pastor as a heavy burden. I lost pleasure in my life. I hated my fate that I had to live in church all my life.
If you are a parent who has an unusually shy and introspective child, you would feel heavy with worries.
But I think I could understand those children.
Deep down, they also want to smile brightly, talk to others cheerfully, and have fun, singing and dancing together. They imagine everything in mind, but they cannot in company. What shall they do?
We adults need eyes that can read their mind.
We need someone who can take out the things oppressing them from their heart.
By the way, is it only the children who need someone?
Many people are looking for someone who can read their mind.
Who is it, however, that can read the other's mind?
When I met Jesus Christ, I could be freed from the confinement.
When I realized and believed that the Lord came to my heart, everything began to change.
I was redeemed by the Lord Jesus from my ill-self.
It is very good news for me that my old self was dead.
Thanks to the good news of the Cross that I was dead and live with Jesus, I am here now.
  • Song(erinjoysdad)
  • 2016-09-28 13:33
  • Dear Pastor Yoo,
    Thank you for your testimony. Jesus changed me too. I still have a very long way to go though. Renovation of the heart is indeed a painfully slow process.
    God bless!