제목 |   Which Jesus are you looking at?
2016-09-28 10:12
One minister asked.
“Which Jesus do you look at?”
I thought about the question for a while.
‘Which Jesus actually am I looking at?’

When we look at Jesus for all day long, the biggest obstacle is the image of Jesus in the holy picture. “When you close your eyes, you might see a whitish thing, is that Jesus?”, a female deacon asked. This way, you should not expect to see and her by yourself only to watch Jesus.

Jesus I see is the one proved within the gospel.
That is the Lord of the Cross and the Resurrection.
Jesus bore the Cross for me, overcame death, and rose from the dead, and I see the facts with belief. To die and live with the life of the Resurrection along with the Lord is to watch Jesus.

To watch Jesus is to continuously think of Jesus of the Resurrection.
Someone asked, ‘How can I do something else while continuously thinking of the Lord?’
To think of Jesus is never to doubt that the Lord is with me.
Just like I’m aware of the fact that my wife is with me even if I do not watch her when she is with me.
Therefore, I prayed, “Lord, be with me” before, but now I pray “Thank you Lord for being with me”.
Before, I didn’t feel the difference between Lord’s with me or not, however now I can perceive the difference. I believe it.

Sometimes I feel the Lord not only is with me but also feels pleased.
That moment I really feel satisfied.
Of course, I sometimes feel the Lord is sad and gets enraged.
Pain of the moment is beyond expression. Accordingly, I repent of my sin immediately.
If I miss this moment, I fall into the state insensitive to the Lord.

When I feel the Lord isn’t with me, however that’s not because the Lord is not with me.
That moment is when the Lord could not be the king of my heart.
At the moment, the Lord gets sad beyond expression.
However, mostly I do not realize it at that moment. That’s the moment of a big crisis.
Since I do not sense the Lord even he is with me, I act shameful words and behavior.

Therefore, when I don’t feel the Lord is with me, I call the Lord immediately. Then surprisingly I feel the Lord is with me.

Jesus I watch is the Lord who talks to me.
Just like the words according to St John 14:26, the Lord talks to me by letting me remind of the Holy Spirit.
Therefore, I always listen carefully to the Lord.
When I consider an idea is from the Lord, I reflect it on the words of the Bible.
If the idea equals to the words of the Bible, I obey it considering that’s the Lord’s voice.

“Which Jesus are you watching?”
Any redeemed believer could watch the Lord who’s always with us anywhere.