제목 |   Where does the joy of my life come from?
2017-03-24 14:30
After 40 days of fast, when Jesus was very hungry, came the devil and said tempting “”if you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread.” (Luke 4:3)
Against the temptation, Jesus answered “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone.’” (Luke 4:4)

“To live on bread alone” means that the bread is delight. Everyone is bound to have his/her delight making their life to go on. Only with this delight, we can live our lives. However, it is rare to find a person who have better delight than bread.

When we are in tour, we became sensitive to the food, accommodation, and weather and so on. We find ourselves blaming on whether the foods suit our taste, whether the heating in the room is adequate, and if the weather is good or not.

When I visited the church of the Lord’s Prayer in Jerusalem, it drew my attention because they are delivering sermons on the Lord’s Prayer every Sunday.
However, it was a windy day.
Though I got into the garden of the church of the Lord’s Prayer, it was difficult for me to concentrate heartily on Jesus.

Then, I saw the blocked-convent beside the church of the Lord’s Prayer.
Once you get into there, it is a place where you should pray for your life. For only one day, you can talk. The first thought I got seeing that convent, frankly, was “Is this a way Jesus pleased?”

Instantly, I found myself blaming on the weather even during a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, in front of the monks who willingly pray for their lives in the convent.

The blocked-convent was built in 16th century due to dispute on the pray.
At that time people pray with an official prayer given by the church. Then, appears the people who is opened to the free-prayer which contains the intelligence, will and emotions of the prayer. This evoked a big problem in the Catholic church of the time, and it was seen as heretical and was persecuted as well. In particular, the women who is doing this type of prayer was regarded as a temptation of the devil and persecuted heavily. Due to this reason, blocked-convent was built. It was the place where the women who is opened to the free-prayer can pray at their will, being independent from the men who control over everything.

I feel ashamed not to feel grace simply because of the bad weather, even there are women who is willing to spend their whole life for to pray in the convent.

It is a very important problem to ask “Where can we get our delight”, because this is the problem of asking if the Lord is the reason of joy or if the Lord becomes simply another means.

So, the devil tempts us.
You should know what the devil gives you and what to take out from you.
Giving you the bread for the flesh and to take out the joy from you is the aim of the devil.

Therefore, we should watch ourselves honestly.
“Where does the joy of my life come from?”

It seems that good food, cozy rest, and having a good time as much as we likes make us feel joy, but it is not.
Neither the holiday nor the vacation give us joy.
Even the enthusiastic ministry cannot make us joyful.

True joyfulness is only the Word of the Lord and the intimacy with the Lord who is the Word.
We need to comprehend this.
If not, we cannot win a victory over the temptation of the devil.
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